We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!

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Leaper Innovate Green Energies "LiGE"

Leaper Innovate Green Energies “LiGE” is a pioneering company founded in 2012 by Warwick and Magriet Leaper, dedicated to advancing energy storage and water generation technologies.


Warwick Leaper Has extensive experience in electronics and design of cutting-edge systems, embarked upon the development of the Isentropic Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage "ACAES" and Water Separation Energy Storage Technology.  Currently designer and CEO.

Magriet Leaper, a highly experienced Director, with extensive experience in Finance, Human Resources, Operations, managed her own companies prior to accepting the role of COO of LiGE. Magriet was the proud winner of the Department of Trade and Industry - Individual Consumer Activist Award in 2003 for unfair consumer contract practices.


The company has made significant strides in the development of Compressed Air Energy Storage (ICAES) systems and innovative water separation technology from air.


During 2012 LiGE, in response to rising energy security concerns, continued lack of access to energy services, as well as the need for clean energy storage solutions, started this venture. The need for a clean energy storage solution has the potential to become extremely important in addressing the energy storage challenges facing the renewable energy solutions market.


LiGE designed and patented a unique ICAES (Isentropic Compressed Air Energy Storage) Solution during 2013 to 2024, and the first patent was granted and published in 2014. There are currently five more patents to be filed in the near future relating to the storage systems and operation.


Our target market is Medium, Large, Commercial, Utility, (grid storage/grid stabilization) Energy users that will utilize the LIGE Air battery.


This Solution will provide access to energy services for populations in rural and peri-urban areas with electricity generation originating from locally available renewable resources. Coupled with the addition of standalone LiGE WaterGen technology.


LiGE will endeavour to achieve this goal by providing access to clean, affordable energy and water solutions, and by achieving this goal we will be reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The anticipated impact of LiGE’s energy storage and water generation solutions will be measured by:

  • The number of jobs created directly or indirectly during construction and operation of LiGE projects.
  • The Impact on the SDG rating.
  • The volume of income and savings generated by LiGE projects.
  • The volume of GHG (Green House Gases) tons reduced throughout the lifetime of installed LiGE projects.
  • The Impact on the development toward the 2050 goals.
  • The rate of electricity access in rural areas.
  • The capacity of MW (Megawatt hours) installed in the region.
  • The reduction of desertification via the use of water generation projects.




Our experienced management team is passionate about green sustainable solutions.


Our friendly and experienced team is always eager to offer our clients the solution for their unique situation.



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