We make a Compressed Air Energy Storage System

that helps renewable sources store what they've produced!   Unlike batteries, we do not wear down  -  we're with you for life!  Unlike grid- enabled storage, we do not have carbon emissions!


Overcoming South Africa, America, Australia and Asia's Load Shedding Challenges with Proven CAES Clean Energy Technology.

Sun not shining, winds not blowing, and the grid ran out of diesel?
Aren't you tired of load shedding? Do you want to be able to power your gated community, farm, business, mine, or municipality without relying on the grid? Well, the LIGE Air Battery is here to help!

Compressed air energy storage (CAES) is a way to store energy generated at one time for use at another time. LIGE's modified revolutionary and simple clean energy system is based on two CAES/Compressed Air Systems - a 290 Mw plant in Germany operational since 1971 and a 110 Mw plant in Alabama which has also successfully provided daily extra peak power for over 20 years by storing the compressed air in excavated salt mines. (Mine shafts work too)

This means that when the grid is operating at non peak times and electricity costs are cheaper, the LIGE Air Battery system uses grid, solar or wind energy to compress the most abundant renewable source ever - air and stores it in specially made high pressure tanks and when peak time demand increases, the compressed air is automatically released which powers a turbine (same principle as a hydro dam except we don't worry about running out of water!) and provides as much additional power as needed to prevent load shedding.

LIGE Managing Director, Magriet Leaper comments:
"With a shelf life of over 30+ years, the non-chemical Air Battery never needs replacing and is completely safe for the environment. Whether you source energy from the grid, solar or wind, the Air Battery will work for you. But that's not all! The Air Battery's Super Compressor also has the ability to squeeze clean water out of the air and provide thousands of liters of clean water every time the Air Battery is turned on."

Recently, a group of local governments in California, including the State, recently bought into a 500 MWh Compressed Air system with a further 10 GWh storage capacity while China has started construction on its first 350 MWh/1.4 GWh compressed air system.

Don't let load shedding get you down - the LIGE Air Battery is the International Multi Award Winning Load Shedding and Clean Water Solution from South Africa that will keep your complex, farm, business, mine or municipality running, no matter what!

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UN Accolade - Pg 32-33 https://lnkd.in/dW4SMhJX



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Pictures and tech ino:  UN Accolade - Pg 32-33 https://lnkd.in/dW4SMhJX

LiGE - is the 2019 WINNER of the

Best Water Crisis Management Solution South African Startup Awards

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